COVID-19 Update

We are pleased to announce that we are going to begin a pilot program to be open on Sundays!

We know many of you have hoped for a weekend shopping day option, and we’re glad we can offer it now! The store will now be open on Sundays from 11:00am to 5:00pm. There is a limit of 10 (ten) customers at a time.

We certainly understand that it is frustrating to not be able to shop easily with us and be in a larger family group. Please be kind to staff who might have to tell you that we are at capacity. We hope that the increasing availability of vaccine and the reduction in case numbers will allow the state to grow our capacity limits in the coming weeks.

When you arrive, please check in with our staff to be sure there is open availability. If there is not, staff will let you know that we’re at capacity and there is a wait. Although it is frustrating to be faced with these limits please be kind to staff who have the job of telling people no. You must wait outside for an opening, and we can offer no indoor waiting options despite the New England winter outside.

When someone finishes shopping and a space opens up you will be asked to enter the store and not wait outside until your whole group can go in at once. We really can’t hold open spaces for folx when there is such limited availability. Families with small children are the exception, as they can’t be divided away from their caregivers.

While waiting please maintain the recommended social distance of 6 feet.

Once inside you must sanitize your hands. Also, for anyone who comes in we have fresh, dry surgical masks that you can put on. Walking around outside or having to wait outside can compromise your mask quality with the condensation from your breath. Please feel free to take a fresh mask and wear it or add it as a layer.

What we continue to do to ensure your safety as customers and ours as a staff:

  1. We have a UV/Ionizing system installed in our HVAC that cleans the air as it circulates. That way any time the heat or air conditioning are working you know that the air blowing into the store is clean and safe
  2. We sanitize the store using UV light every morning and evening allowing us to clean the whole store every 24 hours.
  3. We continue to clean high contact surfaces such as door pulls, countertops and the credit card terminal many, many times throughout the day.
  4. Good quality, full coverage masks are required to enter the store and must stay on the whole time you are in the store. We provide surgical style masks to anyone in need when they visit.
  5. Our staff wear masks at all times and change them frequently to keep them clean and safe.
  6. Each person entering the store must use hand sanitizer. We also have hand sanitizing stations located throughout the store to allow customers to sanitize at any point in their shopping experience.
  7. Social distancing must be observed in the store, keeping 6 feet distant from anyone not in your household.