COVID-19 Update

As of Monday, August 3rd we are officially open again! We opened under a full moon and hope that the blessing follows us forward. Many things about the store are the same, and there are also some coronavirus safety related updates and changes.

I’m sure you have lots of questions and we’ve tried to answer as many as we could in preparation of your visit. If you have any questions we didn’t answer, please let us know via email.

We are looking forward to being open, we missed you!

What are your hours?

We are starting by opening Monday-Thursday 12:00-6:00. We hope to add days and grow the hours we’re open as we move forward, but for now we begin with Monday to Thursday noon to 6pm.

How many people can shop?

The store is currently limited to allowing 6 customers at a time. When you enter the store we ask that you check in with staff to see if there is room. If there are 6 customers already in when you arrive, staff will let you know that we’re at capacity. We must ask that folks wait outside for someone to finish shopping and then you can come in as space frees up.

What about masks?

Masks must be worn by everyone entering the store. The masks must provide protection, be well fitted and worn correctly, covering your mouth and nose. If you don’t have a mask or yours doesn’t fit properly we can provide a surgical mask for you to wear. Face shields can be worn as a mask alternative, but again they must provide good protection, cover your face entirely from forehead to below chin, wrap around to the edge of your face and be clean.

If you cannot wear a mask for any reason we invite you to shop with us online. We can also work with you over email to put together an order of anything not found on the webstore.

Do you have hand sanitizer?

Yes, lots! Everyone must sanitize their hands when entering the store. We have provided hand sanitizer crafted by Berkshire Mountain Distillery and each bottle on site has amethyst, rose quartz and obsidian to charge up the sanitizer with love, stress relief and protection vibes. You will find hand sanitizer available throughout the store, so please use it as often as you feel is appropriate.

What changes have you made to improve the safety for customers and staff?

  1. We have installed a UV/Ionizing system in our heating and air conditioning unit. The UV light kills coronavirus as well as other bacteria, mold and viruses that can circulate in the air. That means when the air conditioning unit is running we get lovely cold air and no virus.
  2. We have a UV store cleaning lamp as well as a hand-held unit to sanitize the store. The UV lamp sanitizes 200 square feet at a time and allows us to clean the store each night. The hand held unit allows us the flexibility to address high traffic or out-of the way spaces directly with the smaller device.
  3. The folks at Haydenville Woodworking built a beautiful and enormous sneeze guard. We have a lot of counter space that displays all of our lovely jewelry, so we had a lot of territory to cover. The sneeze guard helps us to limit the chance of sharing germs while also chatting and answering questions.

Is there room in the store to be socially distant?

Yes. With a limit of 6 customers we have plenty of space for folks to spread out and maintain social distancing. We have green Xs taped on the floor marking out 6 foot intervals to help with that as well.

Can I still pick out all my own crystals?

Sure! At the tumbled bins we are asking that everyone re-santiize their hands before digging into the bins. We will not be able to wash every stone, so having clean hands to dive in will be the best thing you can do to keep our crystal loving community safe. We are asking folks to minimize how much they handle stones, but we are happy to have you select your own crystals. We have extra hand sanitizer available so you can always re-sanitize your hands if you need.

Can I try on rings?

Yes! We are letting folks try on rings, you just have to sanitize your hands first. I know you already used the hand sanitizer when you entered, but we want to be sure that every ring you try on is safe and clean.

Are you having tarot readings?

Yes, but not in person. The store space does not offer enough social distance for the readings to take place in person. We do not imagine that there will be in person readings until there is a vaccine and it is safe for our readers to spend long periods of time working closely with clients. However, you can have readings from all of our readers on video or phone. You can find directions on booking those readings on our website!

What if I don’t want to shop in person in the store, can I still buy things?

Sure! We have a webstore with more than 2,300 items available. You can place your order and have it shipped to your home or we can meet you at the door with the bagged items during store hours for pick-up. If you want something not listed online we’re happy to work with you over email and try and fulfill your wish list.

How do I know what else in Northampton is open?

Many cafes, restaurants and other stores have opened with new hours and new set-ups. One great resource is Northampton Live. They have lots of up-to-date openings, hours and information. You can also find listings at Keep The Valley Rolling which has great info about stores, restaurants, breweries and more!