1.5″ Twin-Flame Chlorite-Included Quartz Cluster with Crater/Key 5g


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Height: .75″

Length: 1.5″

Width: .25″

Weight: 5 grams

Twin Flame

  • Distinguished by the presence of two equal-sized points fanning out from a joined base
  • Conveys the message that love and peace are the ultimate goals
  • Used to create and attract positive relationships and relationship habits

Chlorite-Included Quartz (a.k.a. Prosperity Quartz)

  • Helps to amplify healing and regeneration
  • Nicknamed “prosperity quartz”, attracting wealth of all kinds.
  • One of the most powerful combinations in the mineral kingdom, resonating with the “Heartbeat of the Earth.”


  • Contains six sided indentation in body of crystal
  • Shows user ways they are being oppressed by others
  • Provides a means of escaping situations that are inhibiting one’s growth


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