11″ 3-6-9 Flames Sacred Geometry Triptych by Wolf Grathwohl


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Height: 11″

Length: 13.5″ (when open)

Width: .5″

Material: Wood

Artist Statement

The main emphasis here is the number nine, Formed by three overlapping triangles, it can represent a trinity of trinities, a symbol of holiness or spiritual completion. A nonagram might also be used as a symbol of universal wholeness, with each point representing a planet. The background pattern is comprised of an overlapping hexagonal pattern (2 x 3, 3 being the basis of nine).

The side panels are a wave interference pattern comprised of nine circles ( representing the nine planets) with the enneagram, devised by the esoteric philosopher Gurdjieff, a nine pointed glyph. The emblem’s unusual shape is constructed by mapping the sequence of musical octaves, and has come to represent Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way Society and its philosophies on the one side, with a nine petaled flower motif on the other side.

The central panel is a complex nine pointed star, with pathways linking all the vertexes , overlaid with a simpler nine pointed star encompassing a triangle (or trinity) which is the root of nine. The top layer emphasizes the primary trinity with a fire motif, which in Classical Roman-Greco philosophy fire represents mind. The vesica pices in the background is one of the foundation forms of Sacred geometry, all the forms except 7 can be generated from it, and frequently used to represent the eye or mouth of the divine, of vertically, and the birth canal.


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