3cm Larimar, Blue Topaz, and Peridot Three Stone Pendant (Sterling Silver)


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Length: 3 cm

Material: Sterling silver, larimar, blue topaz, peridot


  • Helps one free themselves from the bondage of the material world, and pursue deeper understanding of their purpose in this world.
  • Encourages repentance and admission of guilt when one is being belligerent or stubborn.
  • Attracts customers to salespeople.

Blue Topaz

  • Enhances self expression and communication.
  • Allows one to clearly verbalize their desires and needs.
  • Allows one to communicate thoughts in a fashion which is easily understood by others.


  • Brings healing and vitality to the whole body and increases patience, confidence and assertiveness.
  • Slows the aging process, and aids in the treatment of digestive, heart, lung and eye disorders.
  • Helpful in facilitating the birthing process.


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