5″ St. Brigid of Kildare Wooden Plaque


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Height: 5″

Width: 3.5″

Material: Pine wood, decoupage

Patron of Infants, Midwives, Nuns, Poets, Poultry Farmers, Illegitimate Children.

Brigid of Kildare was an Irish nun who lived 451-525 AD. Her father was a Pagan chieftain and her mother was a Christian slave who may have been kidnapped from Portugal like St. Patrick. She shares her name with the pagan godess who is responsible for song, poetry and craftsmanship. These are considered ‘the flame of knowledge’ in Ireland. She founded a monastery for both nuns and monks. She was thought to be a saint even in her own time because of her great compassion and generosity, particularly toward the poor. It is said she gathered up straw to make a cross for a man who was dying. It is customary to have ‘Brigid’s Cross’ in the ceiling of your house so it won’t burn down.

“St. Bridgid, ask for us all today the courage
to do God’s bidding, whatever the world may say, the grace
to be strong and valiant, the grace to be firm and true, the grace to 
be faithful always, to God, his Mother, and you.”


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