6″ St. Cecilia Wooden Plaque


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Height: 6″

Width: 3.5″

Material: Pinewood, decoupage

Patroness of Composers, Musicians and Music.

The night of her wedding, Cecelia sat playing the organ asking God for his help because she wanted to devote her life to Him, not to a husband. When her husband Valerian came to her, she told him that she had given herself to God. Valerian’s love of her and of God was so great he agreed to be baptized and to give his life also to the service of God. Angels appeared and crowned the chaste couple with lilies and roses. It is said of Cecilia that she sang with angelic harmonies and could play any instrument. She may have even invented the organ.

“Cecilia, lady of angelic harmonies and unshakeable devotion, 
may the music I make benefit all who hear it. 
I am filled with joy and gratitude to be able to share this gift with others.”



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