Chakra Charm Pillar 7″ – Sacral (Creativity) Candle


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This Chakra is located in the lower abdomen two inches below the naval and two inches in. Balancing this Chakra helps with feeling a sense of abundance, well-being, pleasure and sexuality

Dimensions: 7″ tall, 1.35″ wide

Wax Type: Parafin, Unscented

Color: Orange

Charm: Sacral Chakra (Creativity) lead free pewter

Remove paper casing, pendant and label. Wear pendant around your neck and light candle. While candle is lit, read the intention on the label. Do not leave lit candle unattended. When finished, blow out candle. Pendant may continue to be worn until intention is manifested. Repeat process as many times as necessary until intention has manifested or candle has completely melted.

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