Pentacle Black Tourmaline Orgone Wand


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Wand is 4″ long, 1.25″ wide and tapers to just over 1″. The ends are round as are the sides, so it will roll on a flat surface. Black tourmaline chips are layered with copper and resin. The larger end of the wand features a brass pentacle.

Orgone is an energetic concept first introduced in the 1930s by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. It is likened to a sort of life force energy. Generators like this wand work by alternating layers of organic and inorganic substances, which is said to accumulate and store orgone energy for use in spiritual healing.

Black Tourmaline (Schorl)

  • Transmutes lower frequency thought and energy to higher frequency of light.
  • Deflects and shields against unwanted or dark energies, especially for sensitive people.
  • Grounds spiritual, light, energy into centeredness amid chaos

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