Secrets of the Planchette Seance


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The Planchette, that innocent looking plastic “table” you find in the Ouija Board set has a history all its own that pre-dates the infamous game by generations. On these pages Darmoe (a.k.a. P. Craig Browning) introduces you to the Planchette, its history and workings as well as the steps you can take for developing your own Mediumship skills.

Though this booklet is a follow-up to Darmoe’s popular “Talking with Spirits” manuscript it is much more personal in that it helps you establish a working rapport with the very device you have chosen; a handcrafted Planchette of the sort common during the 18th and 19th centuries; a device that is made of all natural materials and in accordance to tradition.

Viewed as a learned Elder in many circles Darmoe invests his years of knowledge and experience as both, psychic and welder of things magickle, into each device so as to insure the owner of a finely tuned instrument that will naturally resonate with the operator long before they’ve completed the course of harmonization outlined in this text. It is with this in mind that we congratulate you and wish you well on your journey.


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