Inspirit Crystals is a metaphysical gift shop offering beautiful items from a wide array of spiritual backgrounds.

We have the areas largest selection of beautiful crystals from around the world — from pocket sized tumbled stones to crystal points weighing more than 15 pounds and everything in between!

We offer psychic readings every day of the week with one or two readers offering their insights. You can learn about each of our readers and see their schedules here.

Our statues are available in brass, stone, crystal, wood and resin, for variety and affordability. Representative of the Buddhist, Hindu, Greek, Pagan and Egyptian traditions statues range in size from tiny brass statues just one-inch high to a four foot tall brass Krishna. We have many statues to choose from!

In addition to stones and statues, we carry Himalayan Salt Lamps and Smudging and Blessing supplies. We have gift cards and journals to record your special thoughts. We have singing bowls, meditiation cushions and anything you would need to adorn your self or surroundings.