Abalone Shell Small 3″


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Length: 2.5-3″ (approx)

We recommend using this shell as part of an altar, holding sacred objects or intentions.

This shell is much smaller than traditional herb burning shells. You can burn a small amount of herbs for smudge in this shell, but we recommend it not be hand held as the heat may burn your fingers. We also recommend the shell be stationary rather than carried as the bowl of this shell is shallow and burning herbs could be dropped easily by the motion of walking. If you do burn herbs in this shell, use very small amounts and keep a careful eye on the process. Never leave burning items unattended.

Ethically sourced: This abalone is farm grown in California, no illegal harvesting of protected wild abalone was used.

DISCLAIMER: The items pictured are representations only and your item may vary from what’s pictured due to natural differences in color and shape.

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Weight .12 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in


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