Noelle Southwick

Noelle Southwick's Reading Schedule

Fridays 12:00-6:00PM
1ST Saturdays 12:00-6:00PM

To book your appointment, please call 413-585-1169. Walk-ins welcome.

Noelle has 17 years of experience helping people on their spiritual paths, including 10 years when she owned & operated a holistic healing center with her twin sister.

She loves to teach people how to make small, manageable changes that create big results. She gives grounded practical advice from a loving place that is ‘right on’ accurate to break through to living a life of ease & happiness.

Noelle believes we do not need to learn our spiritual lessons through pain & difficulty. She says, “Our spiritual lessons can be learned from love & joy, if we choose that to be true.”

Angel Card Readings:
One of the following decks is used, as guided:

  • Archangel Oracle
  • The Ascended Masters Deck
  • Daily Guidance from Your Angels or
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Cards

Have a reading with Noelle for a rare opportunity to receive individually channeled information from the angelic realm. Channeled information from the angelic realm is a compelling way to connect with divine guidance.

Human Design
Human Design is a powerful personality assessment tool for understanding the importance of your unique contribution to the world. Human Design uses your birth information to create a unique chart. A Human Design reading offers improved relationships & a new, empowering expression of you.

Noelle Southwick is a Human Design Specialist from the Pioneer Valley. From a Human Design chart, Noelle is able to offer her clients an understanding of their best decision-making strategies, gifts, talents and even areas of potential pain. Understanding Human Design can have a positive impact on relationships, work situations and many aspects of daily life.

$95 for 1st hour covering type, strategy, profile & centers
$95 for 2nd hour covering authority, gates, channels